Hi Terence,

I am writing from my new/old server, I just finished installing Ubuntu Desktop on it. It is an interesting experience.

I searched through your blog archive and I found 2 Jedi masters and no information.

Here’s my problem and I would like to ask if you have a solution:

I take tens to hundreds of pictures and videos every day with my phone/camera. I am a HGV driver not a photographer. All these pictures/videos are taking up space in my Google cloud and it is coming close to full. The next level is to pay even more for cloud storage. I have some spare time on my hands these days like everyone else and I was wandering if there is a simple solution to a network attached storage under Ubuntu for pictures and videos. I am also using DavinciResolve 16 on my laptop and I would like to have fast access to those video files stored on a nas. Access from outside my home network would be a bonus but not crucial.

This machine runs on an Supermicro X7DAL-E dual xenon motherboard with 16GB of ram 10-13 years old.

Any advice would be appreciated.

How do you store all your pictures/videos??