Selling Out

As some of you know, I got married dressed as Darth Vader.

While we were on honeymoon, Liz and I were hounded by the paparazzi. Well, they rang while I was lounging by the pool.

The Newbury Weekly News were invited to the wedding and made us a spectacular wedding video.

Also, The Sun Terry Eden Sun and The Mirror ran little pieces.

First to offer us untold riches for our tale were Full House Magazine.

Full House
Click the picture to read the article.

A few weeks ago, we sold out story to Now Magazine for their Celebrity Wedding issue.

Now Celebrity Weddings
Click the picture to read the article.

It's quite interesting to read the difference between the two articles. Liz gave basically the same interview to both. Full House seem to think that UEA is a college and that we both have an IQ of 17. Now Magazine was much more receptive to the concept of our wedding - feminism, Oxfam, fun - and I think the article is better for it.

Even now, 7 months after the wedding, I still get emails from people who've spotted our story on various newspapers and forums. Our story was picked up in Romania!

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