A lot of people (especially those whose parents escaped Europe during the war) are vigilant – perhaps over vigilant – against the return of fascism.
you sure to know how it worked in the beginning, the years before the war broke out? they didn’t come with the hammer, they did it piece by piece with subtlety. here a tiny cut, there a little bit and so on. just like they do today.
as for being vigilant … fascism has changed its face since the end of war. and when it might return, it would look totally different from what we know from history. look at italy, berlusconi, for example.

And the first step towards that kind of rule is to stir up fear and hate in the population and use the civilian police for political purposes.
juk, and if you would think a little bit more … you would find out, that maybe we aren’t at the second point right now, but probably on the best way to it. sooner or later, but for sure.

The UK is not a police state. But it’s up to each of us to make sure it doesn’t become one.
comparing with the country i’m currently living in, i must say, i’m doubting your words a bit. no, a lot. so, all those things, that your mps and other politicans boxed through in the almighty name of ‘war on terror’ and justified with the assumed sense of security – yes, now every thing is safe, because we can see … blah – do you really think, they still fall under the description of democracy? human dignity as defined by civil rights? so it’s ok to be watched on every step by cctv, searched, checked, fingerprinted, trackrecorded of every move you make from a to b and what ever else they come up with because its for … what exactly? because you could be potentially suspected to be some kind of baddie?

as for up to us to make sure … obviously there’s a lot of acceptance for those things, or otherwise they wouldn’t be done that easy. or is it really the same like over here, that there are indeed ppl who try to fight the passing of some of those ‘enhanced security’ laws.

on the other hand, it’s rather ironic, that 70 years ago, every one had that book at home, so in theory they knew, what would happen. and yet, their realization might have been too late. which leaves me wondering … where do we stand today in context to those?

although, one thing i’d also like to know. what exactly would happen, when i say that if they go on with their search without any claim or evidence for what i’m potentially suspected to be? and more so, when i tell them, if they do so, i’m going to sue them for violation of privacy? or is that something that doesn’t exist any longer in the uk, the right for privacy and all that’s tied or associated with it?

[one last note … i found you over that one … http://alles-schallundrauch.blogspot.com/2008/08/willkommen-in-grossbritannien-und-jetzt.html%5D