I think you’re right exposing the police state. You say that it’s not a police state yet and there I don’t agree. It is and you show exactly that. Let me tell you where do I draw the line. The police detains you for no reason and violate your rights (freedom, privacy, defense) without consequences. That’s exactly a police state.

Random searches never ever result in more security. They main goal is to control the general population and show action. If you’re into something bad, you have to be a real idiot to get caught by a random search. Terrorism is just an excuse. You have been suffering this outrageous violation of your rights for 8 years and they didn’t find terrorist, they didn’t stop any, they’ll never do. Junkies maybe, petty thieves. 15 in connection with terrorism means some guys that look like they were slightly related to a racial group or religious group where the incidence of terrorism is a little higher than the normal. As David Mery mentions, the rate right violations to results is incredible low. Any worker in the private market with a score like that would have been sacked the first week.

From a practical point of view, compare the statistics between real crime (damage done to persons and their properties) and “terrorism”. Then compare the use of resources between criminal prevention and war on terrorism. Where would you want your resources (the wealth you produce with your hard work)? Terrorism rarely affects your life, but if you’re living in a modern urban environment I’m sure crime did already. And your chances of getting hit again are going up every day.

The police state puts the productive population under control. It helps to enforce conformity and submission (funny thing, that’s exactly the meaning on the word Islam). The police state feeds from the wealth of the productive population because it produces nothing by itself. And free citizens are bad servants, free citizens question authority, free citizens are likely to keep their wealth to themselves, free citizens rarely conform to socialist powerful police states and, by definition, they never submit.
The police state is there to remind you that they’re in control, that you’re being watched and that there’s nothing you can do to oppose it… for your own good.