The Future of Voice

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I went along to the Social Media Cafe’s talk on The Future of Voice. It was a wide ranging discussion on how we use our own voices in different situations and how we use our product’s voice.

A couple of questions for you to ponder. There are no right or wrong answers and no prizes, just something to seep into your brain.

If you saw your voice written down, could you place it?

Could you tell yours from someone else’s?

How does your product speak to its customers

Digital Literacy
If your boss did a web search for you – what would he find? Would she like what she saw?

If you died in a newsworthy accident – could the news use pictures from your Facebook account?

If Vodafone live searched the Internet for you – what would it try and sell you?


Are you faster at speaking or typing?

Are you faster at reading or listening?


Have you kept photos from several years ago?

Have you kept emails from several years ago?

Have you kept voicemails from several years ago?

If you don’t already have it, I recommend trying out Spinvox to convert your voicemails to text messages.

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