N-gage user experience. 100% failure.

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I really want to like Nokia. They produce some amazing hardware, but time and time again, they’re let down by poor software with a dreadful user experience.

Take the recent n-gage launch. N-gage was a flop when it originally launched several years ago. It’s absolutely critical for Nokia to get this relaunch right or else they face a T5 like PR failure.

But Nokia being Nokia, they’ve fallen at the first hurdle…

I’m going to take you through the process that a brand new user has to go through to get the software.

First failure,

The user has to click the n-gage icon that has lain dormant on their phone since its purchase. Nokia has no “push” marketing to users – they expect the user to visit them. That’s assuming that the user hasn’t already deleted the n-gage app from their phone.

So, the user clicks on the app and goes to update the software.

Second failure

No automatic redirection to download the app, not even a clickable link. Please try and remember his URL and type it into your phone’s browser.

Third failure
So, you type in the URL and get this…

What’s the point of this screen? I’m here to get content, not read your blog.

Fourth failure

What phone do I have? You tell me! Use automatic device detection so people don’t have to remember the obscure model number you’ve given the phone.

Fifth failure
So, you start downloading and wait

and wait

The download comes in at a whopping 7MB! There’s no indication on the site that it’s such a weighty download. The UI doesn’t tell you how big it is and how long it will take. 7MB takes an age to download – even on HSDPA – and if you’re on a pay per MB deal, you won’t be happy watching the download going on and on and on.

Five failures. Five barriers to entry before a customer even gets to pay Nokia for their games.

Come on Nokia, you must do better.

2 thoughts on “N-gage user experience. 100% failure.

  1. James says:

    I agree with a great deal of what you’re saying here, but Vodafone makes some sub-optimal software decisions too. I really want to like MusicStation. In fact I do like it. But it could have been awesome. Vodafone should be thinking about PC to network integration for more powerful user experiences.

  2. I quite agree. That’s one of the reasons that we’ve started up an official* blog on betavine.net and an Application Store where people can leave feedback to tell us how bad our products are.

    If you’re interested in music – take a look at the video for the Vodafone Music Client – it has PC / phone / Network integration. It’s only available in a few countries but check it out if you’re in the right country and your phone is supported.

    *rather than me ranting and raving.

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