Time To Grow Up And Get Married

by @edent |

(Archived from B3ta's "How Nerdy Are You" QOTW)

I could bore you all with thrilling tails of BBC Micro programming, mobile phone USSD commands, obscure Mornington Crescent rules - but I won't. I'll tell you a tale of a small, frightened little nerd...

I was about 3 years old and had been asked to be a page boy at my cousins wedding.
I was under strict instruction that my job was to protect the bride! Under no circumstances was she to come to any harm.

Now we all know that 3 year old boys are prone to wander off, to giggle, to start crying for no particular attention. That's just what kids do.

Not me. I stood straight, I didn't make a peep, I discharged my duty admirably. I protected that bride with all my might.

My parents, quite surprised, asked why I had behaved so well.

I pointed at the vicar - he was dressed in black. Head to toe. I pointed and said...


Something in my tiny, fragile mind convinced me that this bride - in white - was Princess Leia and this old guy - in black - was the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. I, as a wannabe Jedi, summoned all the powers of The Force to protect her.

Skip forward some 25 years....

~~~~~~~~ <- Wavey Dream Lines to indicate passage of time....

Despite being a grade A nerd. I found a woman who loved me. She loved me no matter how many times I tried to switch her PC to Linux. She loved me even when I bought a TARDIS to hold our DVDs. She loved me when I bought old computers home from work so I could play with them.

I asked her to marry me! She said yes!

She even loved me when I suggested a Sci-Fi themed wedding....

I conquered the fear I felt as a three-year-old.

I got married dressed as Darth Vader.


From L-R
My Mother - Doctor Who
My Father-in-law - Obi Wan (he already had the beard)
My Wife - Jedi
Me - Darth Vader
My Mother-in-law - Professor McGonnagle
My Father - Ming the Merciless
My Brother - Londo Mollari.

Nerdiness runs in my blood. I have it, my parents have it.... My wife has it.


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