Turn Your N95 into an iPhone

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Samir has just released this little auto-rotate app for the N95. As you rotate your phone, the screen reorients itself. It's a brilliant idea and an excellent application... But it really calls into question Nokia's ability to react to the market.

The N95 has always had an accelerometer (the device which tells it which way up it is) but it has only ever been used to stablise photos. What a waste!

The N95 was realeased in March 2007 wherease the iPhone was released a few months later in June. However, the iPhone's rotating screen was known well in advance of release. With several firmware updates for the N95, it's shocking that it takes a 3rd party developer to release such a compelling UI upgrade.

The N95 8GB is also missing this functionality - despite being released as an "iPhone killer". The new Channels service from Nokia Beta Labs has auto-rotate built in - but still no word on whether a future firmware upgrade will include a native roatate function.

I'm not a big fan of the iPhone - but I hope it lights a fire underneath the other manufacturers and gets them to raise their game.

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