On international roaming.

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Having spent the last few days in foreign climes, I've the following observations about the mobile experience.

1) Shortcodes. I'm aware that there are technical limitations, but it's frustrating not being able to use UK specific shortcodes when abroad. I'm aware that the texperts shortcode (660000) may conflict with a local shortcode - but why can't I prefix it with +44?

2) Meeting invites. If a German sends a meeting invite to an Englishman for a meeting in Istanbul - what time should one's Blackberry display the meeting as being? Maybe I've set up my blackberry and Exchange server incorrectly, but it seems obvious to me that all events should be stored as time zone neutral - seconds from the Unix Epoch, for example - and the device should render them as per the timezone for which it is configured.

Or the whole of Europe could move to CET.

3) Why aren't there (or why can't I find) airport and airline websites which are mobile friendly? People going to airports are away from their homes and offices and away from their computers. Not everyon has, nor wants to boot up, a laptop. As you go into every airport their should be a sign (or a bluetooth pushed message) saying "Visit heathrow.mobi to make your stay more pleasant." With an accompanying site telling you where your gate is, for how long your flight is delayed and how to check in.

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