We are the champions!

by @edent

I love attending pub quizes – it’s the trivia geek inside me. There’s nothing quite like putting your mind to the task of solving odd riddles, remembering the exact date of an event, or working out who did what. All good, clean, wholesome fun! Apart from the foul stench of tobacco – the sooner they ban smoking in pubs the sooner I’ll be in to spend my money. Who wants to come home smelling like an ashtray after a night out? It’s bad enough that most pubs have the jukeboxes on so loud you can’t hear yourself think and the price of a drink is triple what you’d pay in a shop, but the stink of smoke is just awful.

Anyway, we went to a pub quiz in a local school. Nice little affair – reasonable questions, fish and chip supper (or veggie burger if you’re a filthy hippy like me) and reasonably priced drinks. What was really nice was that we won the quiz by a fairly convincing margin. What was amazing was that in one round we scored a big fat zero!

Because it was set in a school the quiz masters set a round where they amalgamated the faces of 3 teachers and teams had to say who they were, for example the eyes and nose of Mrs Smith, the mouth and chin of Mr Brown and the hair of Miss Jones. As we were the only team not to have any kids in the school we had no idea who any of these people were! Luckily the quiz masters had done such a good job of merging the faces that very few teams managed to guess over 50%.

The prize? A tiny trophy, a nice bottle of red wine and a box of chocs. And a glowing sense of pride at having the biggest collective brain in the room.

We then toddled off, consumed said prizes and watched the pilot episode of Knight Rider (a present I got a few years back and hadn’t got round to watching). How the show got made on the basis of that pilot is a mystery to me. It was so cheesey it stank the place out. Mind you as a kid I used to watch it whenever it was on. Much like the A-Team. I can’t remember which one of the A-Team I wanted to be – but I desperatly wanted to get lockin a room full of junk and break out in a home-made tank.

Right, TiVo is nearly full and the dishwasher won’t load itself. *sigh* if only a Roombah was as cheap here as they are in the states.

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