The Vodafone Ball

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I’m just on the coach back from the Vodafone annual Ball.

That was *amazing*.

We knew there would be four musical acts on – but no one had any idea who they were.

First up, the incomparable Madness if that had been the headliner, I think a lot of people would have gone home happy.

Straight after that – Sheryl Crow! I must admit that I could only name three or four of her songs, but she is an amazing singer and put on a great performance.

Third, Blue. Blue are best described as musical Chavs.

Finally. Oh. My. Word. Elton John. Elton Herculese (!) John.

Now there is a man who knows how to ticklle the ivories. What a show. What a blinding fest of rock and roll. How amazing. He gave an extended version of Rocketman that was absolutley electrifying. And sang “Your Song” as an encore.

Wow. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I haven’t even mentioned the free food (whole roast pig on a spit! (Yeah, so I’m a veggie – I like the smell)), the oxygen bar, fun fair, candy floss, fancy dress, chocolate fountain, photographer or the champagne!

Overall, not a bad night out for £7.50* 🙂

I love my life**


*plus £80 for Liz’s dress and £180 for my tux.

** I will love my life everso slightly more when I’ve got the choclate stains, champagne marks and smell of sweat out of my new tux….

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