by @edent

Yet more mumblings of e-voting at El Reg.

Does anyone seriously think that e-voting is a good idea?  Ignoring the
fact that PRIVATE companies have complete control over the PUBLIC election
process and ignoring the usability nightmare and ignoring what happens when
there's a power cut, you still have the fact that it wont solve the fundamental
problems of voting.

1) Low voter turn out.  I think this could be solved with an improved
voting process rather than first passed the post and more accountable

2) That's it.  Seriously.  The UK (paper) elections can be counted
in an evening - so speed isn't an issue.  Vote fraud seems to be fairly
low.  Vote counting is within acceptable bounds of accuracy.  What
else do we need?

Remember - if you want to write to your MP - www.faxyourmp.co.uk

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