Uses for multiple monitors

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This is a Necropost. Reanimated from an ancient site.

Three big CRT monitors.

Programming (great having the API in one monitor, the IDE on another and the output on the third!) Web browsing + email + Trillian + winamp all in easy reach. Writing documents on the centre monitor and having the references on the two side monitors! Sorry for the crappy picture – someone buy me a digital camera… please!

Config 3342

  • WinXP, 3 monitors, 3 video cards
  • K6/2-500
  • 576MB
  • Gigabyte GA-5AX

DXr3/Hollywood+ DVD decoder. Must link to the primary graphics card and monitor to work properly. Creative still haven’t provided proper drivers for this card.

I got all three of my monitors for free from companies who didn’t want them because either their cases were slightly damaged or they were too small (15inches). If you want cheap monitors, check out your local companies/government.

Card 1:

AGP ATI Xpert@Work, ATI Rage Pro Turbo chipset
Needs the 2K drivers and must be set as primary in the BIOS

Card 2:

PCI SIS 6326, SIS 630 chipset
Use the 2K drivers.

Card 3:

PCI, 3dfx Voodoo Banshee chipset
WinXP pro provides its own drivers. If you want to play heavy 3d games you might want to download drivers from

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