Oh! Canada!

This is a necropost - resurrected from one of my ancient sites - detailing some of my year studying in Canada.

Hullo - finally got round to putting my pics up. 

There not all wonderful, I can't remember what half of them are, but they are here anyway.

All the pages have lots and lots of pictures, so you might want to go and brew a nice steaming mug of Bovril as each one loads.

Lots of love (void where prohibited)

Note to all persons who in any way understand computers:-

Right, listen up.  I haven't the time or inclination to do anything proper, so I've just quickly created this all in MS Frontpage.  I'm really sorry if it offends anyone that I can't be arsed to hand code this in notepad </sarcasm>

Frontpage GIF


Disclaimer - these pictures were taken when campus was both sunny and warm. It's not all ways like that brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

A quite lovely bit of campus, all trees and grass and stuff - just outside my room.

Glengarry building

The actual place where I live - Glenngarry. Although in this picture the tower is disapearing into the clouds, I live down in the dungeon.

Dunton Tower

This is Dunton Tower. The tallest building on campus. I have one class here. Luckily it's not on the top floor, phew!

More Dunton Tower & a bus on the WRONG side of the road

Here you can see the bottom of Dunton Tower (or DT as we like to call it).
Also, please not the bus. ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE %&^#!@#$ ROAD! I can't stress this enough - it is vital to drive on the correct side of the road to prevent English exchange students being run-over. Canadian Government please take note!

Scary Statue in the Park

In the park opposite DT (seen in background) is a park with a very scary statue. Made of rust it would appear...

herzberg labs

In the distance you can see the Herzberg Labs where I do LOTS of work.
My, the campus does look lovely.


The Library! I have never been in here.

weird commemerative thingie with highlighted symbol

In keeping with the strange objects they place on campus - here is a sculpture which lists the names of people who've given vast amounts of cash to the university (other than students). Highlighted is the weird symbol.

veiw of campus from way up

And this is... well, the car park mostly.

My Room


Well, this is the actual side of the building where I live. My room is hidden behind the trees.

a toilet

I have my own toilet! Well, I share it was Jas. We don't use it at the same time. That would be strange

For my birthday, my friends decorated the outside of my room.

This was some of the weird stuff they left on my door.

I'm fairly sure this level of graffiti is illegal in Canadaland.

But the balloons did look nice!


From the left...
Alison (Yet again pulling a face designed to scare the demons away)
Dave - being oh-so-funny
Nicola - wondering if there is anyone behind me.
Jas - wondering what has happened to half of his head.

Julia wearing a traditional Canadian hat.

Nicola not wearing a hat.

Nicola now wearing compulsory hat.


Tianna is from Germany. Or Russia. Somewhere like that.

OK! Tianna is from Canada!

Me wearing a silly hat.

But I haven't forgotten you, my English friends. I have a montage to remind me of your stupid faces.


It sometimes gets cold enough to snow.


We all (that is all who went) took a trip to Montreal one day. I can remember when. Close to the beginning of the semester anyway.

Ladies Eating Crisps

Nicola and Alison (pulling one of her spectacular faces) munching on "chips" as we departed (or arrived, I don't really remember).

view of lake (and Nicola)

One of Canada's big lakes that we passed. And Nicola.

looking for hotel

The hotel we booked into turned out to be a complete den of iniquity. But luckily Nicola and Alison founds us a charming little dorm. Here are they phoning to book us in. Also are some local Canadians, see if you can spot which ones are dodgy.

Dave & Alison

Dave and Alison. Marvel at how, no matter what the situation, Alison is poised with yet a new and unnerving face with which to frighten us.


A nice bit of Montreal. Ok, let's face it, it could be any city in the world, but trust me; it is Montreal.


Montreal's skyline (and Jas doing a funny dance)


A church and one of the less "interesting" backstreets.

Me By Fountains

Me, by a fountain. Taken by a passing goat farmer with a co-joined twin. He said I couldn't photograph him.... *sigh*

Henri Henri

A shop we saw whilst eating petite-dejeurne. I don't know what is in it. Waveney Boys, however, will understand the crucial significance, Wok-Wok!

Dave Asleep

And on the way home, Dave fell asleep. Lazy git.

More friends!

julia on the bed

I'm helping Julia practice her English.

Raj, Jenny Pi, Me, and John.

Digital cameras are rubbish!

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2 thoughts on “Oh! Canada!”

  1. Marc Lavallée says:

    I'm from Montréal (1963-).

    You followed the touristic path in Vieux Montréal.
    It's a theme park displaying a colonialist match made in heaven.

    The church is Basilique Notre-Dame:

    The "nice bit" is Banque de Montréal (1847):

    The fountain is at Place Vauquelin:

    Henri-Henri is a famous chapelier:
    It doesn't sell silly Canadian hats.


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