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Another necropost! My brother and I sent in loads of video-game tips to Sega Magazine in the hope that they would be published and, thus, immortalise us.
I’ve no idea if this one ever made it – but it survived on an old backup disk, so I’m republishing it in the hope someone will appreciate these amazing(?) tips.

Sega Magazine,
Emap Images,
Priory Ct,
Farringdon Lane,

Yo SM,
Wayhey kinky name huh (S&M)? Anyway to business:- I hold in my possession a tip, not just any tip, but the tip of the century! This is the tip that will make every one do funny things involving cabbages, anusol cream and five (count ’em) copies of SEGA POWER!!!!!!!

The Tip:-

  1. Get any pre – Ecco game. i.e. Quackshot, Sonic 1 Ghouls n Ghosts etc.
  2. Use a Datel Universal adapter plugged into the cart and Mega Drive to convince the cart you are using a JAPANESE Mega Drive.
  3. Switch on the Mega Drive as per usual.
  4. You will now be treated to the Japanese version of the game. Most versions will contain different intros, cut scenes and endings. Often different weapons, heroes and bad dudes are available. The text is in Japanese making RPGs 1507924 times harder. Options will have changed. The game will often be significantly harder or easier. The music will change.

All of this from one cheat. It is guaranteed to bring a breath of fresh air into those dusty old carts at the back of the cupboard.
Darn good huh?

There now follows a smattering of good solid tips for people without a nervous disposition:-


  1. To prevent Yoko from farting fire a projectile to his bum. (Strange but True)
  2. When against the ostrich boss do as the signs say; taunt him several times in succession when his head is in the sand then kill with one blow.
  3. Yoko:- C ,up ,up to play on the imaginary trees.
  4. If you lose a limb or your head, morph back into yourself to regain the lost part of you anatomy.

James Pond III

To be able to play as Finius with all the cheats on (whole game map, invincibility etc.) simply insert the normal whole game map , invincibility etc. cheat on and then reset the machine and insert the green frog cheat and start, et voila (it is funny if you rescue the hostages with Finius!)

Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker

  1. For ‘I did this one once honest’ just press fire.

Mega Bomberman

First of all, in Battle mode when facing the hard mother ******* a good way of winning is to destroy a block in a dead end and hope it has a goody in, if so wait in a safe spot until an enemy comes to take it, then run out and drop a bomb trapping the bad dude and killing it.
Also some of the bad ****heads are even harder when they have jumping kangaroos so try and clear all the soft blocks and then kick a bomb at the enemy, the bad dudes will move down, then move down and kick another one at him, the second one should get caught in the first explosion and therefore take the bad dude by surprise with not enough time to jump.(it takes a bit of practice to get this to work)

Sonic & Knuckles

Plug a power base converter 2 into S&K and into this plug in any recent MS Sonic game for cool results.

Zero Tolerance

Duck (QUACK) before going through a door so the horrible people with the bang bang guns cannot hurt you.

Have a bath

It keeps you clean.

Yours with undying hatred to Digitiser and undying lovingness to Sonic (But especially Amy Rose (woof!))

Terence ‘Tips Guru to the Dali Lama’ Eden and his faithful brother / slave / side kick, Danny ‘The Jedi Lemming’ Eden.

PS Any free goodies would be gratefully accepted by us as we have to keep our Lord ‘n’ Master in Sega games and paraffin no sorry paraphernalia.

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