Google Play Won't Accept PayPal

Hey kids! Did you know that the best way to report bugs to Google is via passive-aggressive blog posts? Yup, s'true. They don't offer support for any of their products*, so your only hope is getting your complaint to the top of Reddit / HackerNews / Cool Site of the Day and hoping that particular Google Product Manager is taking note.

So - here's my rant :-)

Google now let you pay for apps and games using PayPal. Well, I've got a bunch of credit left over in an old PayPal account, so I thought I'd use it to swell Google's coffers. No dice.

According to Google's "help" site a user can add a payment method via the Google Play app.

Google Play PayPal in app

Errr.... not so much! I can redeem vouchers and add more credit cards - but I can't add PayPal.

The site also suggests that I can add a new payment method via the website.

Google Play PayPal

Perhaps it's in "Add a new payment method"?

Google Play PayPal Nope

Yeah, that'd be the same problem...

I know what you're thinking, "Silly rabbit! PayPal is only for proper countries like the USA!"

PayPal Countries


If you - or one of your friends - are a Google employee, please can you find the person responsible and ask them to flick the switch which activates this?


Now, I said Google don't offer support. That's a minor factual inaccuracy. They do offer a "Call Back" service.

Contact Google

After exactly 7 minutes on hold, I spoke to "Peter" from "The South Coast of England". I explained the problem and was asked to hold again.

Google Phone Call

I was eventually told that it was most unusual and that a "supervisor" would be looking in to it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know Google don't exactly need my money - but it sure would be nice if they'd let me support the developers I like.


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Hi Terence,

I had this problem today as well and after enabling Google's "2 Step Authentication" I was then able to add my PayPal account to my Google account.

Let me know if this works for you as well.


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Interesting. I have exactly the same problem using the latest Play Store version. I live in the Netherlands.

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I'm also from the Netherlands, the option is available but when I add my account, it says there's a problem with my payment method. While there is still funds in my Paypal wallet

A picture of Riki Irmanda Riki Irmanda

i asked live chat. my country is in indonesia. he/she said that "the paypal account that you tried to add was opened in a country where we don't currently offer paypal as a google wallet payment method.

PayPal can be used to buy apps and digital content on Google Play in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, United Kingdom". :(

and he/she said that "my team is constantly working to improve the google wallet experience for everyone! we look forward to making this feature available to more users in near future".

go for live chat if you need more help :)

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Hey. i found a solution. u have to go to ur pc, login into googleplay and go to buy any app. then u get the same window to add ur paypal account . then do so and its added on ur phone as well. i had the same problem that it couldnt add it on the phone. but via computer that worked. ! :)


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