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The Silliest QR Code I've Seen

I unashamedly love QR Codes. But every so often, I see one which makes me wonder if there should be some sort of licence for creating them :-)

As I was walking around Camden the other day, I spotted this monstrosity.

I figured with a code that dense, it probable contained a URL to a rubbish iPhone app, or perhaps a link stuffed full of tracking parameters.

Still, what the heck, I scanned it.

Silly QR

What's the bloody point in that?

Here's a guide on "How Not To Screw Up With QR Codes" which I presented at TeaCamp earlier this year.


A picture of Tom Singer Tom Singer

Are comments signing in through facebook working? I just tried to comment by signing in and got redirected to the homepage with a load of PHP warnings from the jetpack module.

A picture of Terence Eden Terence Eden

How annoying. I've patched and fiddled with WordPress so much that it's a bit of a Frankeninstall. Will kick it later to see if that improves things. Thanks for the heads-up.


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